Call Solution Upgrades

Enhance your phone system and handle all client calls professionally

Each and every business has it's own unique way of working. Our business phone upgrades are available for you to build a professional phone system that complements your operations.

Power Up your communications with our advance call features
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Call Upgrades to manage your phone system efficiently

Configure your business phone number and routing options to work in the best way for you. We offer a diverse range of call handling upgrades that support and help you to handle incoming business calls in a simple and hassle-free way. Upgrades are easily added using the online number management system. Each of the call upgrade features has its own unique benefits. Audio Whisper is designed to help you identify between a business call and a personal call. Simultaneous Targets means that calls will ring at multiple landlines and mobiles at the same time. Call Record is designed to support staff training, improve call handling, and resolve disputes.

Each of the solution upgrades has its own unique benefits with Cloud Numbers

The key benefits to using our solution upgrades

Simultaneous Targets - Cloud Numbers business phone upgrades

Simultaneous Targets

Set up your number in the online call management to mirror your business open and closed hours ensuring you never miss a call

Call Routing - Cloud Numbers business phone upgrades

Call Routing

Be proactive with diverting calls and log into your online Call Routing 24/7 to make changes from any PC, Tablet or Smartphone

Enhance your phone system - Cloud Numbers business phone upgrades

Quick and Easy to use

No telecoms or IT expertise is needed to setup and manage your business phone numbers. We offer a simple and intuitive, online interface

Call Recording - Cloud Numbers solution upgrades

Call Recording

Business call recording is available across multiple inbound numbers. Record all business calls; no matter how you’re contacted

Dialled Number Presentation - Cloud Numbers solution upgrades

Dialled Number Presentation

Divert multiple business phone numbers to one phone but easily identify business calls when the number is displayed

Real-time Call Analytics - Cloud Numbers business solution upgrades

Real-time Call Analytics

Call Analytics gathers real-time call information for a simple overview of high call volumes or missed calls in an instant